Grass-Fed Beef

In today’s market there are a number of labels used to describe sustainable meats. At Aquidneck Farms we have chosen just one: grass-fed.

Most of our cattle is born on the farm, raised on mother’s milk and naturally weaned on lush legume pastures. The herd is carefully selected for genetics that will thrive in a grass-based system. Aquidneck Farms beef is 100% grass-fed. During the summer months the herd is rotationally grazed on our carefully managed pastures. For winter feed we grow, harvest and store specially planted grasses in the form of dry hay and grass silage. We do not use hormones or add prophylactic antibiotics to our feed. Nor do we finish with grain. We avoid pesticides and fertilize the pastures with our own manure, chicken droppings and farm made compost.

All of our beef is slaughtered and processed in USDA facilities in Rhode Island. Our farm management plan is approved by NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service) and all our practices reviewed by DEM (Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management). In compliance with the Rhode Island Health Department we also hold a Retail Food Peddlers License which allows us to sell through stores and restaurants.

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